Ep #20 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 9 New Big 3 in Town

Episode #20 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 9 New Big 3 in Town

On today’s episode, I’m joined in the Hoop Cave by Tristan Blacka where we take a look at the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Last Season 47-35

Key Departures
Victor Oladipo, Taj Gibson

Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Paterson

Key to success
Balance between the big 3
Westbrooks ability to share the spotlight
Melo’s ability to take a backward step
Could success see Paul George staying in OKC??
Plenty of shots to go around, you don’t avg a triple double without being able to facilitate.

Team Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios
Best Case: This team hits the ground running, the new Big 3 becomes a major force in the west and they potentially beat the warriors in a 7 game western conference finals.
Worst Case: I don’t see the floor of this Thunder team being too low, after all Westbrook single handedly got the Thunder to 6th seed last year so that’s probably their worst case scenario

X Factor

Russell Westbrook – He needed help around him, he has now got said help, the question is can he be a leader with other stars around him?

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