Ep #19 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 8 Do we have a Problem?

Episode #19 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 8 Do we have a Problem?

On today’s episode, I’m joined in the Hoop Cave by Simo Padjic where we look at the Houston Rockets


Last Season 55-27

Key Departures
Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams (and a bunch of pieces)

Chris Paul

Key to success

Chemistry between Chris Paul & James Harden
Can two ball focused guards co-exist
Questions about the depth chart, are there enough role players?

Team Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios
Best Case: The Rockets take it up a notch, Paul and Harden mesh well and D’Antoni wins back to back coach of the year awards and the Rockets make it to the Western Conference Finals after a 60 win season
Worst Case: Paul and Harden butt heads, the team just can’t get it going and it’s another 2nd round exit for Houston…

X Factor

James Harden – Making the transition back to shooting guard?


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