Ep #16 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 5, Contenders, Pretenders, or Making up the Numbers (Hoops)

Episode #16 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 5, Contenders, Pretenders, or Making up the Numbers

On today’s episode, we look at teams likely to be in the playoff picture. But are these teams actually contenders, are they just pretenders, or are they simply making up the numbers?

16. Miami Heat (making up numbers?)

11-30 start, 30-11 finish to season. How will they start this season?

15. Portland Trailblazers (making up numbers?)
No real changes here. Probably still a rd 1 playoff team at best.

14. Utah Jazz (making up numbers?)
Finally got the squad built, and Hayward departs

13. LA Clippers (Pretenders?)
3 of 6 main players gone. How do they go without CP3?

12. New Orleans Pelicans (Pretenders?)
Is the AD and Boogie experiment a fail?
Team appears to have no depth

11. Denver Nuggets (contenders?)
Have they built a contender? Harris, Millsap. Good combination of youth and experience
Jokic is going to get even better???

10. Toronto Raptors (contenders?)
Treading water, meaning falling down in the second round?

9. Washington Wizards (contenders?)
Stayed pretty much the same. Pushed Boston in the East Semi-Finals. Can they take the next step?


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