Ep #15 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 4, Is The Process Complete? (Hoops)

Episode #15 – NBA 30 to 1 Part 4, Is The Process Complete?

On today’s episode, I’m joined in the Hoop Cave by Tristan Blacka where we take a look at the Philadelphia 76ers. Is “The Process” complete?

17. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS (nba.com rank 20)

Last Season 28-54

Key Departures

Key Arrivals
Markelle Fultz & JJ Redick

Key to success
Health, simple as that. Having a Healthy Joel Embid and Ben Simmons is the key to “The Process” being successful. Nobody is doubting their ability
Young Stars will have to shine, Simmons, Embid and Fultz need to find chemistry immediately. All preseason signs suggest this is so
Squad will have to stay healthy to compete
JJ Redick will need to be a strong veteran presence on the floor

Team Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios
Best case, Joel Embid stays healthy as does Ben Simmons, they all gel and the Sixers show the world that the process works, making the playoffs.
Worst Case, more of the same. Embid breaks down, Simmons and Fultz struggle to get on the court and Redick is left to work with the black sheep in Okafor. Philly implodes and needs to assess ways to ensure successful injury management part of the process moving forward

X Factor
Ben Simmons. We all know what Embid is capable of but from what limited time we’ve seen Simmons on the floor in the preseason the kid can ball and should live up to the hype.


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